I Melt: Love Sick Eyeshadow Palette Review

The minute I saw the teaser video for Melt Cosmetics' new range of makeup, I was hooked. Once the eyeshadows were revealed I couldn't get enough, which is odd considering I haven't bothered to do more with my eye makeup than a fierce cat eye since my more, shall we say, experimental high school days. But the shades, which are based on the brand's incredibly popular line of lipsticks, were absolutely mesmerizing and I am a complete sucker for anything matte so I knew I had to have them. 

 Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

I already knew the Dark Matter palette wouldn't be for me (I...would not pay that much for basic smokey eye colours - sorry!) but I genuinely couldn't remember ever seeing a blue so perfectly subtle, a purple so iridescent, a red so rich or a gold so scintillating (with a gorgeous touch of coral!) like the colours seen in the Love Sick palette.

Anyways, enough gushing! I'm sure all of us who are familiar with the brand have seen Instagram post after Instagram post of perfectly done up professionals interpreting the palettes in incredibly creative ways, full lash, cut crease and all.

Yeah. I can't do that. But feel free to enjoy my awesomely amateurish attempts at creating chic everyday looks for the average non-beauty guru! 


Look 1 - Amelie and Love Sick

I've seen versions of this look floating around the 'gram and as someone who is constantly looking for excuses to break out my fave blue liquid liner, I knew I had to try it. I applied Love Sick on the lid and blended it up into Amelie to give a sort of sunset-y effect and paired it with a simple nude lip. I think this look is perfect for any special occasions that err more on the "Come in and SHOW OUT" side (I.e. anything fashion-related). 


Look 2 - Promiscuous

I rarely ever attempt a smokey eye (which I think is the Achilles Heel of many of us who aren't necessarily the most makeup savvy) but I'm surprisingly happy with how this turned out! For depth, I covered my lid with a Rimmel London eyeshadow stick and applied Promiscuous over that, again blending it out and up towards my brow bone. I applied some underneath my bottom lashes as well and topped it all off with a black cat eye. Throw in a soft pink lip and I think this look would work well for most any occasion, perhaps even a date?


Look 3 - Fixated

As you know by now, cat eyes are my jam. Here, I did a supercharged version by creating a duo cat eye using Fixated underneath my bottom lashes and sweeping it up to connect with the liquid liner on top. I added some sparkle with a silver Essence eye pencil on the inner corners of my eye and finished with my favourite bold lip. Perfect look for being a hood rat with your friends, non?

FYI, these shadows are so magical that I was able to use Love Sick as a blush and Amelie as a highlighter for all three of these looks. Yay for versatility!

Overall, I'm loving every single thing about this palette and cant wait to use it again in the future!

Have any of you purchased Dark Matter or Love Sick? What are your fave looks to play around with? Comment down below! 



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